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The Mission of the Bachelor of Architecture program is to prepare highly qualified graduates for employment in the building industry. Students will be educated in the fundamental skills and knowledge of architecture, while integrating history and theory, as well as technological, digital, artisitic, socio-cultural, legal, and financial dimensions. The program will promote professional ethical values, cultural diversity, and contextual and environmental awareness. Where can i buy a fake AUD diploma cover, fake diploma cover, fake diploma holder, buy fake diploma in Dubai.

Architecture centers on the artistic design and construction of all genres of edifices intended for human use.

AUD’s architecture students are expected to carry out their creations based on a clear understanding of both the physics and characteristics of the building materials as well as the aesthetics of the structures.

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The Philosophy of The American University in Dubai is derived directly from its Mission. In its essence, AUD is a learning community. This is most noticeably manifested in the aspirations of two principal constituencies – students and faculty. Students seek to learn through the acquisition of knowledge and skill. Exposure to human, cultural and experiential diversity plays a crucial role in this acquisition process. Many avenues are open to faculty for learning, including their own scholarly and creative activity. Contributing to knowledge via this activity helps faculty fulfill their most important commitment; that is, imparting knowledge to the students they teach and mentor.

It is expected that as learners committed to continuous improvement, students – following graduation – will be successful in fulfilling their personal and professional objectives; and that faculty – through the on-going processes of study and knowledge advancement – will contribute to and develop expertise in their disciplines and become ever more effective teachers. All strive to become better thinkers. The university is confident that the appropriate exercise of its Philosophy, reflecting an innate drive towards academic excellence, constitutes its most significant contribution to the shaping of a better world.