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At Athabasca University, the key word is flexibility. “We believe everyone should have equal, open access to education and lifelong learning,” says president Neil Fassina. “We have made it our mission to remove the barriers that restrict access to and success in university-level study for learners around the world”. More than 40,000 students worldwide log in to classes at Athabasca, one of North America’s first online universities. The school offers continuous enrolment; most of the 900 courses offered start the first of every month. How to order a fake Athabasca University diploma in Canada, buy a fake nursing diploma. Fake Canadian university degree, buy Athabasca University degree certificate.

Textbooks, e-texts and internet-based courseware are provided. Although most students never set foot in tiny Athabasca, Alta., some science courses require students to complete labs in Athabasca, Edmonton or Calgary. A $30-million Academic and Research Centre opened in 2011, doubling the size of the campus, where many staff do research. AU is also home to Canada’s only UNESCO Chair in Open Educational Resources.

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Following a 2017 third-party review that looked into financial pressures and long-term sustainability at the university, the government of Alberta gave AU a $4.9-million grant to upgrade its IT infrastructure and execute a new learning plan across the university. Athabasca is partnering with Amazon Web Services to design, implement and manage its cloud-based education programs, including such applications as artificial intelligence. On average, undergrads are 27 years old; 83 per cent of students work and nearly a third of graduates have dependents. Studying online does require discipline, but it’s perfect for those who are juggling school, work and family.

Over the years, the institute has entered more than 350 agreements to collaborate with other Canadian and international post-secondary institutions and employers. With a total student enrollment of over 40,000 that includes international candidates from over 87 countries around the world, the institute is undoubtedly a site of diversity and inclusion in the country.